I am not a real man

Cautand cateva lucruri despre Pablo Picasso, am dat de acest jurnalist, Giovanni Papin care i-a luat interviu lui Picasso. Mi-au placut cuvintele lui Giovanni si le postez asa. Sper sa intelegeti mesajul si sa va placa:D

„I am not a real man. I am not a man like others, a man of flesh and blood, a man born of woman. I did not come into this world like your fellow men. No one rocked me in my cradle, or watched over my growing years. I have not known the restlessness of adolescence, or the comfort of family ties. I am – and I will say this out loud though perhaps you may not want to believe me – I am but a figure in a dream. In me, Shakespeare’s image has become literally and tragically exact: I am such stuff as dreams are made on! I exist because someone is dreaming of me, someone who is now asleep and dreaming and sees me act and live and move, and in this very moment is dreaming that I am saying these words.” 

(by Giovanni Papin in ‘The Sick Gentleman’s Last Visit’)

„I did not accept reality. No words can express my disgust at the physical, human, rational world, which suppressed me and did not leave room and air enough for my restless wings.” (by Giovanni Papin in Un uomo finito, 1912)



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